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Humidity Control Specialists Across Marin County
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Humidity Control Specialists Across Marin County

ControlIf you're looking to control the humidity levels in your Marin County home, then you can depend on the experienced professionals at Peter Levi Heating & Cooling.

Humidity is the level of moisture in the air and determines how our body feels temperature.  If your home is in need of a humidity control solution, then you can depend on Peter Levi Heating and Cooling to help you enjoy the ideal humidity levels all year round:


TechsWith the right humidification solution professionally installed by our team, you'll have the correct level of moisture added to your home, making the air less harsh, reducing the risk of wooden furniture and flooring cracking and can even save you money on your utility costs, as your heating won't have to work as hard in winter to achieve and maintain the preferred temperature.


We'll expertly install your dehumidification system which will leave you feeling cooler in summer as excess moisture is removed from your home, enjoying improved indoor air quality as well as lower energy costs as your cooling system doesn't have to work as hard to keep your home cool. We'll make sure those high humidity and moisture areas of your home such as bathrooms, laundry or lofts are taken care of so you can reduce your exposure to the damaging effects of dampness and mold.


RatedWe work with all brands and models and will guide you in choosing the right system to suit your humidification needs as well as budget.


You'll be provided a full price of your humidification service before any work begins.


Your HVAC technician will arrive on-time so you're never left waiting around.


We roll out the red carpet for our customers, so when you choose Peter Levi Heating & Cooling, you'll be delighted with the care you receive and we back that with a service satisfaction guarantee.

To increase your control over your home's humidity levels in Marin County, call and speak with the humidity control experts at Peter Levi Heating & Cooling today.

Peter Levi Heating & Cooling

With a rapid and punctual response time, one of our helpful technicians will arrive fast and on-time so you're not kept waiting. Call Peter Levi Heating & Cooling today!

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As a lifetime resident of Marin County, Peter Levi strives to provide his community with reliable, continual, and expert services.

We enjoy being part of the Marin community. This year we continue our calendar theme of “Charity Is Close To Our Hearts.”

2% of our net income for October will be donated to ZERO BREAST CANCER.

Why Choose Us

For a first class customer service experience when you need heating or cooling help in Marin County, CA, choose the best and call on Peter Levi Heating and Cooling. Our team are dedicated to providing you with the best solutions and go above and beyond to ensure your experience with us is a great one.


Your Peter Levi Heating and Cooling team will always treat you and your home with care and respect. They'll arrive presentable in a tidy uniform and will wear covers on shoes whilst in your home and lay mats around work areas to minimise any mess.


At Peter Levi Heating and Cooling, we don't keep you waiting as our technicians will arrive on-time.


Our team of skilled and experienced technicians work diligently to ensure the quality of workmanship they provide is of the highest standard, and we stand behind that commitment by providing you with a written warranty on all workmanship our team perform.